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Our Products/services

Centrifugal, reciprocating, screw or liquid ring for air, carbon dioxide, oxygen, hydrogen, ammonia, LNG, etc.

All types of pumps, compressors, fans, blowers, pipes, fittings, valves, flowmeters packings, gaskets, mechanical seals, etc. such as:

Solvents, catalysts, activated carbon, fuller’s earth, silica gel, molecular sieves, etc.

Density, flow, level, viscosity, analysis, pressure, temperature, vibration instruments and control systems.

Both Internal & External Treatment. Planning designing, installation, commissioning, operation & after sales services for Chemical Treatment & Water Treatment Plants of all sorts.

Quality control, analyzing, testing & measuring equipment and systems. Research, teaching and training units.

Polymeric resins, reinforced plastic products. Plastic machinery and plants.

Complete Range of heat exchanger tubes inspection, cleaning, plugging & placement tools and systems. Vibration monitoring, analysis & balancing system. Inline valve repair machines. General maintenance tools and equipment.

Centrifugal, rotary, gear, reciprocating, positive displacement, diaphragm-horizontal, in-line, vertical, pumps, submersible, split casing – general purpose or self-priming, multistage-magnetic seales, canned – in cast iron, carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium or any special alloys, different plastics – for chemical, water, condensate, any
corrosive or non-aggressive fluids, slurries, abrasive materials, cryogenics for chemical, petrochemical, refining, nuclear, power generation, cement, sugar, food, pharmaceutical industries.

Planning, Shaping, Slotting and Broaching Machines – Lathe Cutting-off, Threading Machines, Turret Lathes, Automatics – Drilling, Boring and Tapping Machines – Milling, Horizontal Boring & Sawing Machines – Grinding Spindles and Grinding Attachments – Gear Cutting Machines – Unit Heads and Special Metal – Cutting Machine Tools – Hammers, Riveting Machines, bending and Straightening Machines for pipes, bars and profiles, Draw Benches, Forging Machines, Cold-Rolling Machines-Presses, Shears, Sheet Metal Working Machines – Wire Working Machines, Machines for the production of bolts, screws, rivets and nuts – Special non cutting machines for particular production on industry.

Sewage/Effluent treatment plants, Air pollution control system, Chemical/solvent recovery plants.

All types of low and high temperature insulation materials and refractories – Ceramic cements and mortars. Ceramic production machinery, plants & raw materials.

Sewage/Effluent treatment plants, Air pollution control system, Chemical/solvent recovery plants.

Semis, reinforcing bars, merchants bars, section, (normal), broad flange beams. Plates: commercial, structural, tube plates, highcarbon steel, stainless steel, boiler chequered and button, special alloy. Sheets, hoops, wire rods (hot rolled), wire and wire products, bright steel.

Welded, seamless black, galvanized, according to ISO, DIN, BASS, ASTM & API, Heat exchanger & boiler tubes, steel spigot and faucet tubes, precision steel tubes, welded & seamless, waste pipes, insulating tubes, steel conduits, tubes with close joint, tubes of special alloy steel, metal tubes, black and galvanized, malleable and wrought iron
pipe fitting, steel boiler bends.

Equipment and complete plants for size reduction and classification, mixing, drying, crystallization, filtration , evaporation, prilling, granulation, heat transfer, mass transfer.


Frequently Asked Question.

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