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IMTIAZ CHEMINEERS was established in 1978 by Late Haji Faiz Muhammad Sheikh, with head office in Lahore & two regional offices in Islamabad & Karachi. The objective is to provide  Chemical Engineering Services to the process industries. The capability of the machinery & equipment installed in an industrial project can be determining factor in the degree of success of the enterprise. The cost is often larger than that of any of other elements in the construction costs of the project. Moreover, the different technologies and variety of equipment/machinery involved in an industrial plant need pragmatic & scientific approach at the time of procurement.

We have strived to maintain the highest standards of technical competence and reliability. This has been a decisive factor in our steady growth and our unique & cherished reputation.

IMTIAZ CHEMINEERS represents a number of world-renowned foreign manufacturers of machinery, equipment, plant and materials in different spheres of chemical and related industries.

IMTIAZ CHEMINEERS has a unique distinction of publishing its own monthly technical magazine  “ENGINEERING HORIZONS” serving all the engineers in the industry, throughout Pakistan, regularly since 1988.

Our aim is “Customer’s satisfaction”, whether you are a major corporation or a small outfit, to us you are “Partner in Progress”. With the past experience & present opening up of local and international markets. We are geared to uphold its pursuit of eminence through excellence in the future.

Our Products/Services

Centrifugal, reciprocating, screw or liquid ring for air, carbon dioxide, oxygen, hydrogen, ammonia, LNG, etc.

All types of pumps, compressors, fans, blowers, pipes, fittings, valves, flowmeters packings, gaskets, mechanical seals, etc. such as:

Solvents, catalysts, activated carbon, fuller’s earth, silica gel, molecular sieves, etc.

Density, flow, level, viscosity, analysis, pressure, temperature, vibration instruments and control systems.

Both Internal & External Treatment. Planning designing, installation, commissioning, operation & after sales services for Chemical Treatment & Water Treatment Plants of all sorts.

Quality control, analyzing, testing & measuring equipment and systems. Research, teaching and training units.

Polymeric resins, reinforced plastic products. Plastic machinery and plants.

Complete Range of heat exchanger tubes inspection, cleaning, plugging & placement tools and systems. Vibration monitoring, analysis & balancing system. Inline valve repair machines. General maintenance tools and equipment.

Centrifugal, rotary, gear, reciprocating, positive displacement, diaphragm-horizontal, in-line, vertical, pumps, submersible, split casing – general purpose or self-priming, multistage-magnetic seales, canned – in cast iron, carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium or any special alloys, different plastics –

Planning, Shaping, Slotting and Broaching Machines – Lathe Cutting-off, Threading Machines, Turret Lathes, Automatics – Drilling, Boring and Tapping Machines – Milling, Horizontal Boring & Sawing Machines – Grinding Spindles and Grinding Attachments 

Sewage/Effluent treatment plants, Air pollution control system, Chemical/solvent recovery plants.

All types of low and high temperature insulation materials and refractories – Ceramic cements and mortars. Ceramic production machinery, plants & raw materials.

Sewage/Effluent treatment plants, Air pollution control system, Chemical/solvent recovery plants.

Semis, reinforcing bars, merchants bars, section, (normal), broad flange beams. Plates: commercial, structural, tube plates, highcarbon steel, stainless steel, boiler chequered and button, special alloy. Sheets, hoops, wire rods (hot rolled), wire and wire products, bright steel.

Welded, seamless black, galvanized, according to ISO, DIN, BASS, ASTM & API, Heat exchanger & boiler tubes, steel spigot and faucet tubes, precision steel tubes, welded & seamless, waste pipes, insulating tubes, steel conduits, tubes with close joint, 

Equipment and complete plants for size reduction and classification, mixing, drying, crystallization, filtration , evaporation, prilling, granulation, heat transfer, mass transfer.

Major Principals

This section is to include list of Principals, which should also include a brief detail about each principal including the information on their products and history.


At Chemineers, innovation is at the heart of everything we do. We continuously invest in research and development to create cutting-edge solutions that address the complex challenges faced by the chemical industry.


We understand the critical importance of sustainability in today's world. Chemineers is dedicated to creating environmentally responsible solutions that minimize the ecological footprint of chemical processes.


Quality is non-negotiable at Chemineers. We adhere to the highest standards of quality control and assurance to ensure that our products and services meet or exceed industry benchmarks.

Mission Statement

Why are we in business? To support the industry by providing them state-of-the-art latest technologies available around the globe. What is the Target Market of our business? Process industry of Pakistan What products and services do we offer? Highest quality equipment and machinery that is also cost effective. What distinguishes us from others? Working closely with end-user, thus understanding their exact demands and proposing correct solution to their requirements/problems. Understand the procurement procedures of each client, in affect, improving their lead times. Help customers to find hard-to-find and critical equipment/machinery.


Imtiaz Chemineers is committed to play a leading role of providing the latest technological solutions to the process industry of Pakistan, in affect improving the reliability, efficiency and performance of customer’s operations and/or processes.